Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reflection on Survey

I reviewed the survey results of 3 classes, which was slightly over 100 students. I found that most boys liked to read adventure, science fiction, mysteries, or sports for entertainment. The girls seemed to like reading magazines, romance, and drama. Most students were reading less than 30 minutes per day. I also found that more than half of the students find it difficult to read school books or simply find them boring and dislike reading school assigned material.

This information is important to me because it gives me a good idea of my students reading habits. At some point during the school year I might be able to make something more relevant to them if I can relate it to their interests. Students are more likely to read material that is interesting to them. It is important to give students choices whenever possible so that they read something that is relevant to the class but at the same time keeps them interested in what they are reading.

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