Friday, October 5, 2012

Accurate (i + 1) Assessment for English Learners

I designed a lesson plan this week with SDAIE strategies for Eduardo who is an English learner in my World History class. Eduardo is an Early Intermediate level English learner so I designed my lesson (i+1) so that he could make progress towards meeting the goals of an Intermediate English learner. My lesson design covers cluster 8 (Summarize the Main Idea). At the Intermediate level students should be able to identify the main idea and some supporting details of oral presentation with key concepts of subject matter content. In order to meet this standard I designed a lesson that included a tea party activity. Students had to familiarize themselves with a role from the Industrial Revolution in England and introduce themselves to other students. The students all had a graphic organizer so that they could summarize the story of each character and define the unit terms included in each story in their own words. I believe this activity helped not only Eduardo but all of my students familiarize themselves with the content while practicing speaking in front of other people while learning the unit terms in a fun way. 

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