Monday, November 5, 2012

521- Creativity Post #3

Creativity occurs in my classroom when we have students brainstorm about events in history. We talk about causes and effects and how things could have happened differently. I also try to teach from a diverse perspectives so that students can look at historical events from different lenses. When assigning work we try to give our students choices so that they can do an assignment where they can display their strengths.

In my world history class critical thinking occurs when we have students analyze how certain events in history interact with other events. Students look at how one unit ties into the next unit. We also have the students look at primary sources and evaluate the evidence. Students also have the opportunity to analyze and evaluate different point of views from the period in history we are studying.

Communication, discussion, and collaboration occur in my classroom in many different ways. We usually start of the class with a quick write followed by a class discussion or a group share. I collaborate with my cooperating teacher on a daily basis. We talk about what we could improve about the lesson and what worked well. My students collaborate in many group activities that they do throughout the week. Many times when we assign group activities we make sure to assign different tasks so that the responsibility is shared on the collaborative work. 

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